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Custom wedding websites coordinate with your The Print Fairy invitation suites

Keep track of all your wedding details
and showcase your love with a designer wedding website

Designed to Keep things simple

For your guests

  • A wedding website that coordinates perfectly with your Print Fairy invitations.
  • Show key information about your wedding, who’s in your bridal party, accommodation and travel advice, links to gift registry and load up all the best pics into the photo gallery.
  • Guests can RSVP and contact you directly and also post messages on an online guestbook.

For you & the groom

  • An online showcase for your wedding that co-ordinates perfectly to your Print Fairy invitations.
  • Track RSVP’s and guest attendance, along with your guests dietary needs, where they are staying, who needs transport etc…
  • Update your wedding details, photos and maps of your special day.
  • Spreadsheets to help with your wedding budget and guest seating plan to keep you on track, calm and organised.

How it Works

Sign up to create your Brides Notebook.

You’ll enter a few details on our website, complete your payment and you’re ready to start planning!

receive your account details & login

We know you want to get started pronto! So we’ll send through your login details immediately and you can login straight away!!

start planning!

Here’s the best part! Start uploading your favourite pics to your bio’s, enter all the travel tips and links to hotels, event venue’s, gift registry. Planning has never been so much fun!

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A Match Made in Heaven





Pricing from only $99 for 3 months / $149 for 12 months

  • Your custom wedding website designed to coordinate with your Print Fairy stationery. You’ll have 1 cohesive look based on your desired wedding theme.
  • Planning tools, budgets and checklists to access through your Brides Notebook.
  • Custom domain name to include within your stationery eg.
  • Export your wedding guest list and follow up with guests who haven’t replied.
  • Super easy updatable pages to include all of your wedding details.
  • Full tutorials to guide you through the website process, absolutely NO web-design experience necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will our domain name be?

Your domain name will be for example

However, you are more than welcome to secure and purchase your own customised domain name so the can be left off. You will need to purchase your own domain name via a domain name site such as crazy domains, or go daddy etc… We do not sell custom domain names, but we do have the facility to re-direct your customised web domain name to your brides notebook website.

I love your website templates, but the design I love doesn’t come in the colour combination I need. Can this be created for me?

Yes we can create a custom colour website for a very low fee of $49.

To setup custom colours on your Bride’s Notebook website contact us a with the design and colours that you would like to use and we can enable this for you.

Why does it cost more to have the colour customised?

Because there are sooo many colour combinations, it is virtually impossible to have all of these available online. We have provided the top colour combinations for each design to choose from with what’s popular this coming season. In colour trends for weddings.

If you have any questions on colours for your website please email us at

Remember, we can match your invitations to your website or the other way around.

I want to purchase printed stationery from The Print Fairy, but the design I want does not have a matching website template. Is this considered a custom design as above?

Yes it does become a custom design. We are starting out with our 4 most popular designs. New designs will be added over time. We can create a website for you to match your invitations and colours for a very low fee of $49.

To setup custom colours on your Bride’s Notebook website contact us a with the design and colours that you would like to use and we can enable this for you.

Can I change the colours of my template once I have purchased it?

Yes you can. You can try the different colour options available on each design and view these at any stage simply by switching them in your dashboard. You can also add a wood or kraft background to add that extra special element, particularly if your invitations are going to be based around our wood or kraft printing.

You can not however change the design template. Once you choose ‘Wildflower’ for example, you can not change the design. Please contact us at if you want to change your design as there will be an additional fee.

I'm thinking of a wood or Kraft invitation from The Print Fairy range. Can this look be worked into my website?

Yes. On every single site, you have the option of having a white, wood or brown kraft background so it will look exactly like your invites.

Even after you have purchased the site you can try out how the different backgrounds look by selecting white, wood or kraft from the background drop-down menu.

So I can have a photo as our hero image on our home page or simply a graphic from our printed stationery? Or even a combination of photo and graphics along with the our names as the title?

That’s correct. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can keep the look of your website very minimalist or the full effect of our decorative designs. It’s completely up to you. That home screen image is shown only on the home screen. Then we create a header or banner for your internal pages in your theme colours and invitation fonts.

Some of our examples show marble and wood patterned home screens. You could supply us with any image at all you wish to use, providing you own the image and / or have copyright permission to use it.

Will my Brides Notebook website be secure? Do I have to give a password to my guests to view it?

You can choose to have your Brides Notebook site searchable by google or not. Which means it will not come up in search engines if someone types in a generic ‘William and Kate’ for example. This does give an element of privacy to your site.

Your guests will need to be told your website address which you should make known on your printed stationery.

The website is not password protected to your guests, however only you will receive a log-in username and password details when you sign up for your notebook so you can control the back-end of your site, add wording, images and event information.

I only need my website for 6 months. Why can I only purchase one in 3 or 12 month blocks?

We’ve provided 2 purchase options for those that only require a website for a short amount of time and those that are more organised and want to build the momentum of their big day. You can start your website as soon as you have all of your main details confirmed such as date and venue. Then you can confidently launch your website and start the buzz with your friends and family by sending out Save the Date cards with a link to your website. You can then give travellers great tips on accommodation and travel with plenty of notice. The real beauty of the 12 month option is that you can also have the site active long enough to be able to showcase those all important professional photographs from the big day a few months afterwards.

I need my website active for more than 12 months. What do I do?

You simply add on a further 3 month or 12 month block at initial purchase stage and away you go. If you need to add additional months as your website is nearing it’s close, please contact us at

Why is the 3 or 12 monthly payment set to auto-renewal in my Paypal?

Because the Brides Notebook is assuming you will want to keep your site active until you tell it otherwise.

You need to actively ‘turn-off’ auto renewal in Paypal to make sure you are not charged a 2nd fee if you no longer want your website active after the chosen duration. To do this, follow these steps…

  1. Log-in to your Paypal account
  2. Go to ‘Payments’ then – ‘Manage upcoming payments’ – ‘Pre-approved payments’
  3. Click on the payment you made to us at ‘The Print Fairy’
  4. Click on ‘cancel’
  5. This will come up ‘You’re about the cancel this profile’ , click YES
  6. You will then get an email from Paypal saying your re-occurring payment cycle every 3 or 12 months, has been cancelled.
  7. If all of the above steps are followed, then all you will pay is your one-off payment of $99 for 3 months or $149 for 12 months.

Any questions, regarding this please email us at

We will not refund any customer who does not turn-off their auto-renewal. By not doing this, you are effectively having your wedding website active indefinitely.


I can get an online wedding website for FREE with some other online companies. Why does Brides Notebook cost $99 ( 3 months) or $149 ( 12 months) ?

Because you won’t find anywhere in the world another wedding website where you can match your invitations to your website quite like this!

I don't have to buy your printed invitations do I?

No way! Our designs are universal, so if you love one in particular and have already purchase invitation elsewhere, then go ahead and purchase the website only. Choose a simple black and white theme for a monochrome, minimalist online presence that will work for absolutely any wedding theme.

We can upload anything you like to your wedding home page and website header/ banner that runs through your site.

Just email us at if you have anything specific that you can’t see easily already.